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FOKUS - Hotel Management Software

Fokus Hotel PMS Software

Fokus is an 'Easy to Use!' and 'Fully Featured' Hotel Management Software

Fokus will make managing your hotel a breeze, taking care of all aspects of running your hotel, such as reservations, in-house guest bill's, financial reporting. It even integrates to various online channel manager's, making sure that your inventory is bang up to date online and will import those reservations made online straight in to the system.

Fokus has been developed by key personnel who have each got over 25 years experience in the UK hotel I.T industry!

Fokus is a Windows based software product, your important information stays onsite with you, if your internet fails, you can keep running.

Fully Featured Hotel Property Management System Software

Key Feature's
Fokus Hotel Management Software
Before Guest Arrival

Advanced guest reservations up to 3 years.
Interaction with Channel Manager's, Updates inventory, retrieves the bookings.
Guest deposit tracking and handling.
Interactive planner chart, view / edit guest details with ease.
Produce arrivals, stopovers and departures reports.
Group handling, including deposits.
Produce revenue projections.
Product occupancy forecasts, helps you plan staff rota's
Event's Diary - Alerts to events in/around your property or holidays that may effect rates.

Fokus Hotel PMS Software
During the Guest's Stay.

Easy Check-in, including groups, handles deposits
Can batch print guest registration forms for the day's arrivals
Can open / close room telephone on some hotel phone systems upon check in and departure
Guest part payments can be added to room bill.
Charge each room's nightly accommodation charge in 1 easy step.
Room tariffs support revenue split to breakfast, dinner etc.
Configurable chargeable extras such as dogs, cot hire, flowers, fruit baskets etc.
Support for local guest taxation, common in Europe, slowly being phased in, in the UK!
Guests have a main and an extras account, so business and personal charges can be kept separate if required.
Easily transfer item charges from / to main and extras accounts.
Group billing can be billed to one bill or room bills transferred to other rooms.
Guest room phone calls are automatically billed to guests room account.
Supports guest billing for various EPOS systems, bar drinks and food can be billed to the room.
Can batch print pre-checkout bills allowing for faster checkouts
Bills can be settled on departure or transferred to a sales ledger account.
All guest invoices are archived, allowing a re-print of any guest bill in the future.
Supports 'Long Stay Guest' VAT discount.

Fokus Hotel PMS Software
After the Guest's Departure.

View of historic chart with interactive guest tracking.
Past occupancy reports
Guest history module, do mail shots.
Invoice archive retrieval, reprint guest bills
Sales ledger account, pay off unpaid guest invoices of companies or agents

Fokus Hotel PMS Software

Daily audit tracking
Daily reporting of cost centres (Accommodation, Food, Drink etc)
Daily reporting of settlements (Cash, Card, BACS etc)
Produce weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and custom period reports for sales & banking figures.
Occupancy reports with financial totals
Corporate Report - Show all source of bookings between two dates, either as summary or full report.
Most financial reports exportable to CSV.
Export's data to Sage Accounts, No need for sales ledger in Sage

Fokus Hotel PMS Software

Auto-Backup of reservations database.
Option to backup all data to USB or external drive.
256 bit data encryption, keeps card details safe from hackers.
Username controlled access to key sections of Fokus, protect financial information and limit access to card details.

Fokus Hotel PMS Software
3rd Party Integrations.

Channel Managers - AvailPro, Siteminder and QuickYield. (more coming soon)
PABX - LG GDK & LDK phone systems. 2 way support
PABX - Capture phone system call records from most other systems.
EPOS - Post room charges from ICR's TouchPoint, GPoS, Uniwell TX/DX Range and more...
Safes, We have an integration to SafeLink in room safes.
Guest Survey / Reviews - GuestRevu

Fokus Hotel PMS Software
Technical Specifications.

Maximum Rooms: 1,500.
Maximum Room Types: 16
Maximum Cost Centres: 200
Maximum Tariffs: 300
Maximum Reservation Sources: 1,000 Plus Unlimited Agents
Maximum Reservations: 999,999.
Fokus Hotel Management Software - Home Screen


If you are interested in Fokus or any of the other products shown, please contact us either by emailing us or give us a call.

Contact details are below.

Zalion Ltd, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, LONDON. EC2A 4NE

Tel: +44 (0)3333 350 118

How Fokus & a Channel Manager can save you money!
Case Study

We found that one of our customer's hotel's was having to manage inventory manually on seven different extranet's (online agents), each time a booking was made on one of them or directly at the hotel by phone, the receptionist's duty was to log in to all the other agent's and reduce availability, she would have to log in to, then LateRooms,, Mr & Mrs Smith and so on, this could take up to half an hour, during this, the phone may ring, guest's may come to the reception desk and some inventory updates could get missed. As you may have guessed, when the hotel was nearly full, is was easy to accidentally take additional bookings causing the hotel to be over booked!, this can cause problems and usually costs the hotel money.

We found that this was a common occurrence in hotel's, most hotel's simply offered less that the full inventory to each extra net to avoid the risk of being over booked, usually resulting in underselling causing a reduction in potential occupancy levels and of course, lost revenue.

Having a channel manager can offer the following benefits...

* You can offer all your inventory to all your extra net channels that you work with.
* Avoid the risk of over booking by inventory not being updated quickly enough.
* Reception staff are more productive and are less stressed.
* You can get reservations from your website commission free.
* All inventory is updated centrally in one place.
* Can be integrated with Fokus, so no typing in reservation details from emails.

We can help get you connected with one of our partner's channel manager today!

Fokus - Hotel Software for Windows vs Cloud Based Systems

With so much choice out there, it can be tempting to go with a cloud based system hotel management system instead of a locally installed system, there are good points for both platforms, but ask yourself these questions...

Pitfalls with the Cloud...

You need a descent speed internet connection, otherwise you may experience slowness to update the screen or lagging. If you lose your internet connection, you may become stranded and not be able to access your data. Now some systems may implement a backup service on a 4G mobile internet connection, this may be fine in a city centre, but if your a rural hotel in the moors of Devon, chances are, there will be no 4G mobile signal. This happened recently to one of our clients with their previous system, they had to drive 9 miles to another hotel they owned and log in, print all the registration cards and arrivals lists and then drive back, they also have to revert to manually producing invoices until the internet was fixed.

Who else is seeing your data, is it secure? What if the data centre is hacked.

What happens if one of the smaller cloud PMS providers stops trading or doesn't pay it's bills, the first you might know is that you no longer have access to your system because the data centre has suspended their service.

Are you able to export your reservations and guest history at any time?

Advantages of Fokus Hotel Management Software for Windows...

You are not reliant on how fast your internet is, as you main database is stored locally on your PC or local network.

If you lose your internet connection, Fokus will still carry on working, the only part that would temporarily stop is the channel manager interface.

You can export the reservations data and guest history at anytime.

Sensitive data in Fokus is encrypted, so no one can copy data files and access that information.

You have a backup tool that allows you to backup your data, should anything happen to your PC, this can be restored in just a few minutes by our support staff, should the worst happen.

Incidentally, one of the most nasty viruses about at the moment is where it encrypts all your documents, spreadsheets and other various data files, because we use our own proprietary database, our system never gets affected by it, although we still strongly recommend that you use a good antivirus system and never open any email attachment unless you are 100% sure you know the sender and are expecting it, we also recommend that you do regular backups too.